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You Want to be a Millionaire then Stop Spending and Save Your Money: Things you should do If you want to be a Millionaire.

“Before you invest in something, invest the time to understand it”

Lately, I have made a halt on paying for some items from my livelihood and there are lots of reasons for this: the most primary being for financial purposes and financial stability.

You won’t even know that you are spending tons of money on these items. And sometimes these items don’t add much value to our life but they end up building extra unnecessary stress in our lives.

A person can really cut back on these expenses and free up cash that can be used on buying something pretty for yourself or a nice vacation. One can also start making something up for retirement with the money that is being saved.

I just think that it’s always good to have extra money left over at the end of the day as it will always help you in the long run. It’s always been my goal and I am sure that most of the people reading this have the same shared goal.

start saving

When it comes to sales when you’re buying items, you want to be very careful about this. Because I have found that a lot of my friends for example, will end up spending $1000 on a shopping trip and they’ll say that, “it actually is worth $1500 and they saved $500 because of the sale and it was 30% off.

But then my thought processes more so you didn’t save $500, you spent $1000. And you have that much amount less in your bank today than you had yesterday and is the absolute truth.

That’s really how I view it and you want to think about this going forward. That’s just because somethings on sale doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to save money on this item.

Do not get affected by Sales

I try my best to not be affected by sales. When I am in need of something I’ll just go out and buy that thing. I never try to get much affected by sales and discounts.

So, there are obviously times where sales can make sense. Where it’s coming up on winter and their summer items that are on sale or vice versa. If its winter and you want to buy summer items that could just make more sense and you could save more money.

But we’re talking about the 70 % off carpet blowout sale or the mattress blowout sale. These are the ones that happen all the time and the same go for cars as well.

It’s really kind of my idea that you’re going to pay the market price for most items. So I just don’t bother trying to get as many sales as some other people might do. And this actually goes for couponing as well.

Do not use Coupons

I’ve seen people use coupons and they end up spending twice or thrice as much money as somebody who doesn’t use coupons because they’re buying items that are of no need but they think it is essential to buy three or four to get one free. And they end up spending more money, which is stupid.

So just keep that in mind as you go forward with buying items in the future in the psychology of purchasing things and how that really affects you.

Understand where you are spending

And that’s kind of my philosophy. The biggest tip that I could have here for anybody thinking about their investments and their financial future, is to just make sure that you understand what you’re actually putting your money into.

 If you have a financial advisor and they’re putting money into investments or mutual funds or for one case, retirement accounts or whatever it is, make sure that you understand those. Just take an hour, take a day and sit down and say, “What am I putting my money into if it’s in a bank account?”

What kind of protection do I have with that? If I’m putting it into mutual funds, what’s in that mutual fund? How does that mutual fund actually work? Make sure that you understand that because this is when people really get in trouble.

That could be a massive bubble and nobody sees it coming because they just blindly invest money. So make sure that you do your due diligence on that and you’re going to feel so much better when you actually know where your money’s going.

Most of these are for financial reasons or just to cut back on things that I’m buying or paying for in my life, frees up a lot of cash and it makes me happier.



  1. Hassan Ali Irshad

    Save money and save health too!!

    A one pager good idea you’ve written


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